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Array Ventures is focused on solving impactful problems using revolutionary technology. Often that means category-leading startups that take advantage of data, analytics, workflows, and new platforms to change the way an industry works.

We invest in smart people with a bold mission who take big risks in large or new markets. We want entrepreneurs to tell us what the world is going to look like in 2, 5, 10 years, and why they are going to be to be a winner in that world.


Unique Network = Second wave of customers

Array brings a unique twist to venture capital. Think of us as your first Business Development hire. Our team of investors, advisors, and mentors is invaluable and contributes to the success of your company and the fund. We are in it with you and want to understand who would be your ideal customer. If we can help bring them onboard then it's an easy investment decision for us.

We provide access to over 200 C-level experts from top public and private companies to help startups from day one. Our experts come from every major company inside and outside of Silicon Valley, across the health, retail, education, security, SaaS, and communication industries.


Managing Partner

Shruti Gandhi - Shruti is a managing partner at Array Ventures. Shruti brings a strong mix of operating and investing experience. Previously, Shruti was an early stage venture capital investor at True Ventures, Samsung Electronics, Lightbank, HighBAR Partners, and the i2A Fund.

Shruti started working with Machine Learning algorithms while working on her master's thesis in computer science from Columbia University on understanding user behavior on instant messaging platforms. While at IBM she worked on self learning algorithms that detected user location based on IP addresses, which she later incorporated into the Lotus Sametime product. Later, her company Penseev helped users make better connections with their friends based on social data.

When not investing, she is hacking on some app or thinking about ways she can be in many places at one time. Shruti also has an MBA from the University of Chicago, where she polished her finance skills before making the switch from engineer/founder to investor.


Technology Partner

Lucas Baker
Lucas Baker - Lucas is on the Deepmind team at Google, solving complex machine learning problems. As an engineer, entrepreneur, and YC founder, Lucas has extensive experience in both the technical and the business aspects of the industry. He has worked at a number of Silicon Valley's top companies, including Square, Pinterest, and Google. He also co-founded the developer recruiting site Hackermeter (YC S13), which was acquired by Pinterest.

Lucas's principal specialties include artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analysis, and data visualization. He holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Stanford, where he was also a recipient of the prestigious Terman award.

When not thinking about tech, startups, and the future, he is almost certainly playing Go.



Joseph Davidson
Joseph Davidson - Joseph joined Array Ventures in 2017. Prior to Array Ventures, Joseph was a Senior Analyst at Barah Capital Partners and The Riverside Company working on investment due diligence.

Joseph holds a BA in History from University of California, San Diego and Masters in Finance from Santa Clara University.


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